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GrowAOV and Wayfx teamed up with Heart & Soil (one of the fastest growing supplement companies) to overhaul the Heart & Soil e-commerce site, content marketing site, and bring GrowAOV online.

GrowAOV powers Heart & Soil's cart, collections and bundles. With GrowAOV, Heart & Soil's e-commerce business is performing better than ever!

📈 67% increase in CVR

📦 14.7% increase in AOV

🔃 40% increase in subscription opt-in

💰 15x+ ROI for GrowAOV


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Super smooth setup

No disruptions to the site. GrowAOV came online flawlessly. Generally, the installation of GrowAOV is completed in 3 days from start to finish.

Delightful user experience

GrowAOV helps Heart & Soil's customers slice and dice their product inventory so they can find the products that are best for them.


Bundles made easily

Help your customers get the most of your products and achieve their goals with pre-made bundles.


Blazing fast cart with growth tactics built-in

Rewards. Upsells. Switch one-time products to ReCharge subscriptions. GrowAOV is reinventing the Shopify cart so you can grow your e-commerce business faster.


"Our customers get the best results from Heart & Soil products when they take them together. GrowAOV enables us to deliver bundles in a stunning and user-friendly experience. We couldn’t be happier!”


Dean Brennan

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